Calling all content creators

be an advocate for the drug-free cause, for this generation

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Watch the winning entries from our 3 young content creators – see how their stories are brought to life.

Sparking Conversations With Youths

People may try drugs for many reasons, despite knowing its harms. Some perceive drugs as a “quick fix” while others see it as a “rite of passage”. We want to hear from youths on their views on drugs, addiction, and interpersonal relationships. Why do some people turn to drugs? How can support from family and our society help in an addict’s journey toward sobriety? Is there any real harm if drug use is normalised in our social circles and our communities?

What’s Your Fix? Youth Film Programme aims to support young storytellers in the creation of short films, documentaries or TikTok vertical series to spark meaningful conversations amongst their peers.  

Calling All Content Creators

Be an advocate for the drug-free cause, for this generation

Viddsee and the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) invites content creators aged 15 to 35 to submit your ideas for a short film on either of the listed three themes below. Your film idea could be one of the 3 winning concepts selected to be made into a short film, documentary or TikTok video. Each winning concept will be supported with a production budget of up to SGD15,000, mentored by an experienced filmmaker/creator and guided by the Viddsee Studios team to bring your concepts to life.



Up To SGD 15,000 Production Grant

Each team will be awarded with up to SGD 15,000 Production Grant to produce their concepts

Undergo Filmmakers Mentorship And Advocacy Journey

An opportunity to develop your idea into a film, mentored by an experienced FILMMAKER/CREATOR and guided by the Viddsee Studios Team to bring your concepts to life. Winning teams will also gain exposure to relevant content, by being part of an advocacy programme organised by social enterprise, the ARCHITECTS OF LIFE, and gain exclusive access to former drug abusers for insights into their lived realities and their fight to stay drug free.



Shaiful Reezal is a filmmaker-director from Singapore. For the last 11 years, he is the Director of Echo Entertainments, a Singapore based motion pictures company that handles television dramas, commercials, multi-camera productions and many more.

His work takes inspiration from the community and everyday surroundings and circumstances - where he hopes to inspire audiences through his films and storytelling.


Yiqin's goal is to craft films that are emotional, relatable and impactful. Her background as a documentary filmmaker has given her films a unique perspective, creating emotional depth with simple images.

Outside of client work, Yiqin dabbles in short films. Her most recent film in collaboration with Action for AIDS, 'Sam', screened in 4 international film festivals and received 'Best Romance Film' in LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival.


Mervyn graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and went on to join MAKO as a Director. He also does other things sometimes, like write, produce, and edit. His Viddsee Originals web series titled 'Kat-Fish' was selected to screen at the 39th Busan International Short Film Festival. In 2022, Mervyn wrote and directed 'Finding Juliana', a TikTok series and narrative short film for the National Council Against Drug Abuse.

Mervyn is known for not saying much, as evident from this biography write-up. He also has a very sweet tooth.

Hear from former drug abusers

Or get inspired by our thought-starters

Choose one of the following three themes:

1. Are youths open to trying drugs?

Explore if youths in Singapore are open to trying drugs, and find out why someone would turn to drugs despite knowing the potential consequences and harms of drugs.

2. What are the potential impacts?

Explore the potential impact if recreational drug use is normalised in Singapore. Who stands to gain and who stands to lose?

3. How does family play a role in drug abuse prevention?

Explore how empathy and meaningful conversations about drugs can help youths stay drug-free.

Concepts may be as creative as you desire, but the submitted concept and chosen theme should emphasise either of the following key takeaways to your peers:

The wider community plays a critical role in keeping Singapore drug-free. This includes standing alongside those who may be vulnerable to stay away from drugs

Public permissiveness to drugs can affect those who are vulnerable to drug abuse or are trying to stay drug-free.

*Bonus points are awarded to concepts that are based on or inspired by a real life story

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  • 17 Mar - 27 Apr


  • 28 Apr - 18 May

    Evaluation and Announcement of Winners

  • 19 May - 8 Sep

    Film Mentorship

    AOL Advocacy Sessions (Research & Pre-production of films)

    Production of films


  • Week of 22 Sep

    Launch of 3 Winning Youth Films

    Youth Dialogue Event