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Sparking Conversations With Youths

Watch this space as these 3 youth content creators bring their stories to life, launching 15 Sep


Seshan is a BA Film (Hons) graduate from LASALLE College of the arts, who is on a pursuit to put out quality content for the audience to immerse themselves in.

From a young age, Seshan has always been fascinated by the different stories he saw on the big screen. Ever since then, his mind has been fixated on becoming a filmmaker.

For Seshan, all genres enthral him but a couple such as drama, psychological and thriller genres capture his attention a little bit more.

Tong Khoon Mun

Khoon Mun is a graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Film, Sound and Video programme, specialising in directing. A filmmaker on the rise, his recent work “Thief” won the “Best Film” and “Best Director” categories at the inaugural Huawei APAC Film Awards.

Khoon Mun likes to search for inspiration in the fringes of life, believing in using the power of the moving image and a compelling story to craft and present a tangible interpretation of the term “being human” to an audience.

Zachary Yap

Zachary Yap is a Singaporean filmmaker who discovered his love for cinema when struggling to fit in. It is becoming a way for him to heal and understand himself and the world better. He studied film at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and has since worked with some recognized members of the local film community.

Zachary is drawn to personal stories that say a lot with very little; sparking conversations and challenging him to understand why he wants to tell them. His latest film, Imagine The Fire, is in competition at the 19th FEST - New Directors New Films Festival.

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