Terms & Conditions

Terms & COnditions

*Entries for submissions are now closed

  1. By submitting a concept, you (“Participant”) agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The ‘What’s Your Fix?: Youth Film Programme (“Film Programme”) is open to all Singapore Residents aged 15 to 35.
  3. All submitted concept(s) should include the required information listed under the Submission Form. Proposals are subject to verification and will be declared invalid if they are illegible or otherwise inaccessible.
  4. Your concept should not:
    1. contain anything that can denigrate or defame certain ethnic groups, religions, races, gender, or groups;
    2. contain any materials that are illegal;
    3. contain pornographic content;
    4. infringe any copyrights owned by others;
  5. All concepts should be submitted by the stipulated deadline, via the Submission Form only. Any other forms of submission or any late submissions will not be accepted.
  6. NCADA and Viddsee (“Organisers”) have the rights but are not obligated, to inform any Participant of any submission that was rejected, or to provide any reason for such rejection.
  7. All materials submitted will not be returned to the Participant, whether or not the Participant’s concept(s) is/are selected for production. The Organisers will not reimburse any expenses incurred by the Participant during the selection process, including but not limited to, postage, uploads, and materials preparations (videos, photos, etc.). Concepts can be created for any language and audience, but the submitted documents must be in English.
  8. All submitted concept(s) must be original and must not infringe the rights of, or defame nor embarrass any person, firm, or company. The applicant shall indemnify the Organisers from and against all claims arising from a breach of this term. The Participant shall indemnify and keep the Organisers, its officers, agents, and employees fully indemnified against any and all loss, damage, claims, and costs (including costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered and/or incurred as a result of claims and costs (including cost on a full indemnity basis) suffered and/ or incurred as a result of the Participant’s breach of any of these terms and conditions; or arising out of any information or entries submitted.
  9. 3 concepts will be chosen as winners of the programme. They will be judged by NCADA, Viddsee and Architects of Life representatives. The Organisers reserve the right and absolute discretion to shortlist the submissions as we deem appropriate.
  10. Participants whose concepts are chosen will be required to form teams of minimum 2 pax to work on the production of their film/series.
  11. All decisions by the Organisers are final and absolute and not subject to inquiry or appeals, verbal or written.
  12. Should your concept be chosen as a winner, you will have an opportunity to attend an advocacy programme by Architects of Life and interact with ex-drug offenders to understand more about their stories to aid with your concept development. In addition, we will be attaching an experienced filmmaker to your team, who will be your mentor for the project.
  13. You will be given a production budget to develop and produce the film. In any case of overspending on the production budget, you will be required to top up any additional costs at your own expense.
  14. The Organisers shall have the worldwide and perpetual rights to use, distribute and display the film or any parts of the film on any media platforms for the purposes of marketing and promotion of the film.
  15. You agree to be part of a behind-the-scenes video, physical screening and dialogue session for the launch of the films and/or other forms of promotional and publicity activities for the Programme
  16. By submitting your concept(s), you confirm and warrant to us that:
    1. You are aged 18 and above, or if you are below the age of 18 you have the consent of your parent/guardian who is able to interpret these terms and conditions for you.
    2. The submitted concept(s) is an original work created by you (the IP owner).
    3. You have the authority to submit the concept(s) for our consideration. You are either the owner of all applicable rights in the concept(s), or have properly been authorised and/or licensed by the owner(s) of those rights (including all consents, authorisations, licenses, and waivers to submit the concept(s) to us.
    4. You confirm that the submitted concept(s) (i) does not infringe any rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights or intellectual property rights, including any music-related rights, (ii) is not defamatory or indecent, (iii) does not violate any applicable law or regulation (that is, is not illegal), or (iv) does not otherwise violate any rights of any person or entity. In particular, we stress that plagiarism, copying, and blatant infringement of the intellectual property and other rights of others are not acceptable.
    5. You expressly waive any and all rights, either in law, in equity, or otherwise, which or claim to have as a result of any alleged infringements of the “moral rights of authors”.
    6. You indemnify the Organisers and its Partners of any liability for damages that may be suffered in the course of the application.
    7. The submitted concept(s) is not being considered by other parties or commissioners at the time of submission.
  17. For the avoidance of doubt, if your submitted concept(s) is not chosen, you continue to own all rights to your concept(s) and you are free to pitch to other parties.
  18. The Organisers reserve the right to reject, in its sole and absolute discretion, any submission deemed inappropriate or that is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Film Programme.
  19. The Organisers reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to restructure, cancel or suspend the Film Programme without incurring any liability to the Participants and without having to provide any reasons.
  20. By participating in this Film Programme, Participants consent to the Organisers to use their personal information for the purposes of this Film Programme.
  21. Participants of this Film Programme should not be related or affiliated in any way to the Organisers. This will result in an automatic disqualification.
  22. This Film Programme shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, and the Organisers and Participant shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts in respect of all disputes, claims, and matters arising out of or relating to this Film Programme.
  23. These Terms and Conditions may from time to time be made or amended by the Organisers. All such terms and conditions shall be solely interpreted by the Organisers, and the Organisers’ interpretation shall be final at all times.

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