Frequently asked questions


*Entries for submissions are now closed

Q: How do I submit my concept? Can I submit a pitch deck?

You can submit your concept via the form here. If you have a pitch deck to share across, you can share the link to download the pitch deck in the form. Do note that the pitch deck is optional. 

Q: Who can participate?
All Singapore Residents aged 15 to 35 can participate. If you’re a Singaporean/PR living overseas currently but would like to submit a story that will be made and filmed in Singapore, you can do so as well.

Q: How many people do I need in my crew/team, should my concept be chosen?
Should your concept be chosen, you will need to form a key crew/team of at least 2 pax (e.g: Director and Producer) within 7 working days from your official acceptance into the programme.

Q: Is there a fixed duration for my short film?
Not more than 20 minutes.

Q: Can I submit all types of genres? Any preferred ones?
We are open to any genre. We also accept a fusion of genres i.e. docu-drama (e.g.: real life profiles with re-enactments).

Q: Can I submit more than 1 entry?
Yes, you may submit more than one idea or concept. Multiple entries are allowed.

Q: Can I re-use the same concept that I’ve submitted in other competitions elsewhere?
Yes, as long as it is not a completed work (film already been produced) and you still own the right to the concept.

Q: Do I need to pitch these verbally or in person if my concept is shortlisted?
There won’t be any live pitching. If your concept is shortlisted, our team will get in touch with you via email and you may be invited to share more about your concept.

Q: Do I need to include any call-to-action (CTA) in my storyline?
A CTA that brings out a key takeaway will be good. However, there is no specific CTA to include in your story as long as it is aligned with the themes as specified.

Q: How do I spend my budget if my concept is shortlisted as winner?
You may spend the budget as you please for the development and production of your story concept/idea. In the event that you overspend (exceed the allocated budget), you will need to top up the remainder on your own.

Q: Where will my work be distributed at after my concept is selected?
Your work will be distributed on What Your Fix? website and social media channels, and be promoted via NCADA, Viddsee and other potential partners’ platforms and online channels, out of home displays, and other offline screenings. You may also send your completed work to film festivals if you wish, but the Organisers must be notified and you should acknowledge NCADA’s support in the production. 


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