In What’s Your Fix?: On The Mend, actor Rishi speaks to several lives impacted by drugs in one way or another – to find out if there is truth behind the stories of drug abuse from firsthand accounts.

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Of On The Mend

Did you know? 

The characters behind “Finding Juliana” were inspired from the profiles featured in the “On The Mend” Docuseries!


Addictions Specialist / Counsellor

Of Finding Juliana

Did you know? 

The characters behind “Finding Juliana” were inspired from the profiles featured in the “On The Mend” Docuseries!

Boon Siang, inspired the character – Elias

Like Elias, Boon Siang got involved with drugs because he sought for a sense of belonging with people who were also involved in drugs. But what turned him around and gave him strength to overcome his drug addiction came from realising how much his family meant to him.

Jasper, inspired the character – Juliana

Like Julie, Jasper found himself addicted to drugs and relied on them to separate himself from his pain. But while chasing the next high, he lost his rational, sound mind, and he missed out on moments with his family and friends. He shares regret for his own addiction, which influenced someone very close to him to become heavily dependent on drugs to feel alive.

Ryan, inspired the character – Gladys

Like Gladys, Ryan transited from being a passive bystander to taking up an active role to support his friend who was struggling with drug addiction. He chose to show up and got involved without alienating his friend or enabling his addiction.

Afikah, inspired the character – Jasmin’s Mother

Like Jasmin’s mother, Afiqah has sacrificed a lot to support her family during her sister’s battle with drug addiction. Nowadays, Afiqah looks after her sister’s children, almost like their foster mother, while her sister is in recovery.

Julie is a soul in pain.
Her parents got divorced when she was 6. Her mother was an alcoholic, and Julie was left to care for her younger brother. Our series enters at a point of deep despair in Julie’s life. It was been two years since her mother’s death, which Julie half blames herself for. Julie’s quit school and spends her days directionless, without help. With her grief and trauma deepening from chronic isolation, save for the only interaction she gets through online gaming, she develops an addiction for drugs, hoping they’ll get her through each day. Julie doesn’t carry much hope. She believes she’s doomed to go down the same path as her mother.
Gladys serves as the narrator through our journey, viewing these events through a neutral lens.
She got to know Julie through their mutual interest in gaming, and gradually becomes Julie’s only beacon in a lonely world. She is aware of Julie’s aggravating troubles, and tries to help by being present and nothing more. Because it doesn’t feel right to interfere. She is aware too, of Julie’s escalating dependence on drugs. It eventually takes Julie off the edge. So where do we go from here?
Elias has taken an opposite extreme reaction to his mother’s death.
Elias is Juliana’s younger brother. He lives straight out of a burning resentment to his mother’s addictions and abandonment. Ironically, Elias starts helping Xavier run drugs on a small scale to earn some side income to further his studies and escape from what Julie believes is a tragic cycle that will plague their family. His detached thinking is that it’s each person’s choice to either destroy their own lives or take control of their own destiny – by any means necessary.
Xavier is a complex guy.

His nihilistic approach to life smoke screens an interior picture of cunning, charm, worst of all — unrelenting logic in his actions. No matter how severe life gets, he is in control. Or he believes so.

Intelligent and street smart, Xavier peddles drugs and invests for a living.  He sees Elias as a younger version of himself, and wants to help him towards a better life by making money in the drug trade.

Xavier also has a toxic co-dependent relationship with his girlfriend Jasmin. With her, the drugs they take, the money in his bank – he believes life holds meaning again. But when Jasmin rethinks her life with Xavier, his conviction starts to fall apart.

Jasmin comes from a decent upper-middle class family but her progressive world view has fractured away from her family’s conservative lifestyle.

She finds her rebound reality in Xavier, who tells her that she is loved for who she is without judgment. With Xavier, she feels like she’s living life and her life doesn’t have to be so unyielding. But she develops a severe co-dependency with him. 

While Xavier’s nihilistic approach to life brought excitement and broadened her world view, she will soon come to realise that the period of euphoria is transient. What she really seeks, she could not find under Xavier’s shadow.