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Sparking Conversations With Youths

People can turn to drugs for many reasons. Sometimes, drugs are perceived as a “quick fix” for life’s bigger problems. But the reality is that drugs don’t fix. They destroy lives. Once the cycle of addiction begins, it can be incredibly difficult for a drug abuser to break free and regain control of their lives. This is why support and care from the people around them is crucial in their journey towards a drug-free life, just as much as apathy and permissiveness from others can stumble them.

What’s Your Fix? Youth film programme aims to support young storytellers in the creation of short films, documentaries or Tiktok vertical series to spark meaningful conversations amongst their peers.  

Hear From The Ex Drug-Abusers
Got your inspiration from their stories?

Calling All Youths

Viddsee and the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) invite all youths aged 15 to 35 to submit your ideas for a short film on either of the listed three themes below. Your film idea could be one of the 3 winning concepts selected to be made into a short film, documentary or Tiktok video. Each winner/winning team will be supported with a production budget of up to SGD15,000, mentored by an experienced filmmaker/creator and guided by the Viddsee Studios team to bring your concepts to life.


  • How the loved ones (family, friends or partner) of drug abusers can help a drug abuser stay drug-free.
  • How someone who is apathetic or permissive to drugs can affect others who are vulnerable to drug abuse.
  • How certain stressors in life could keep drug abusers trapped in the cycle of addiction. Stressors include, but are not limited to; peer pressure or toxic relationships, mental health struggles, financial challenges, and familial problems.


Concepts may be as creative as you desire, but the submitted concept and chosen theme should emphasise either of the following key takeaways to your peers:

  • The wider community plays a critical role in keeping Singapore drug-free. This includes standing alongside those who may be vulnerable to stay away from drugs.
  • Public permissiveness to drugs can affect those who are vulnerable to drug abuse or are trying to stay drug-free.


Each winning team will be mentored by an experienced filmmaker and guided by the Viddsee Studios team. Together, we will guide you through the development and production of your story.

Eileen Chong, Director/Actor
Kenneth Cheong

Winning teams will also get to be part of an advocacy programme organised by Architects of Life, and speak with former drug abusers to gain insights into a drug abuser’s fight to stay drug free.


  • Narrative or Documentary short film with duration no longer than 20 min
    Either live-action or animation
  • 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio


  • Narrative: Drama, Romance, or Thriller (e.g.: psychological thrillers) OR
  • Documentary: Profile-driven Documentary, or Docu-drama (with re-enactments)
  • Bonus points are awarded to concepts that are based on or inspired by a real life story

Find the answers to FAQs here.

Find the terms and conditions for the Youth Film Programme here.

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