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@buffbaby88 whats is your coping mechanism? share w me a healthy one you love! #NCADA #WhatsYourFixSG ♬ Piano sleep LoFi slow midnight(808930) - Gloveity
@zxynpot Ep 19 of #FindingJuliana. Lesson learnt: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is! @What’s Your Fix? ♬ original sound - Zxynpot
@lielnicole Who gives u the positive vibes and support to keep pushing on? Let me know by stitching this video! #WhatsYourFixSG #FindingJuliana @What’s Your Fix? ♬ original sound - Liel Nicole - nicole liel 🤪🤪
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@yitinggoyt You are not defined by your challenges, but by how you respond and overcome them. For those who are struggling, we’re all in this together! @whatsyourfixsg features Finding Juliana - a series about the everyday struggles of youths and how we are forced to make difficult decisions. Have you watched it?#findingjuliana #Ncada #DrugFreeSg #sgtogether #mentalhealthawareness ♬ original sound - yitinggoyt
@supercatkei How did this become a biology class😵‍💫... #whatsyourfixsg #tiktoksg ♬ original sound - supercatkei
@douglasokj I'll love to hear your stories on your relationship with your parents - comment below! #findingjuliana @whatsyourfixsg ♬ Shipyard Sample - Official Sound Studio
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I would provide her a safe space to share what she is feeling, practice active listening and prevent from giving advice. I'd also try to ask questions that would implore her to think more deeply about what she is feeling. If needed, I would also direct her to the resources available 👍🏼

I would let it go at first as she clearly is still processing/making sense of her feelings and I wouldn't want to overstep my boundaries. I would then be a little more purposeful in asking her if she would like to talk about what happened in a casual tone to show that I acknowledge what happened but it's okay if she doesn't want to share. If she does I would listen and offer whatever support i can (refer her to professional help, be at her side, offer advice etc). But if she doesn't want to share, I would ensure I stay in regular contact after the meet whether it be directly checking up on her or just texting as friends.

I wouldve just stopped with what we were doing and address the person with her needs - i think its so important that we dont ignore any form of signs of discomfort especially when we just met someone online, we have to be careful and alert but all in the name of being compassionate. Sometimes its the stranger that we can have a conversation about such issues, no judgements

I would check in on her, but if she didn’t want to share right then and there I would respect that. I’d then drop her a text after we part, telling her I’m here for her if she wants someone to talk to and it’s ok to reach out for help! ✨

I would ask them about what happened, and check if theres anything I can do to help her solve her problems.

For me, i would ajak her for a kopi / bbt sesh, catch up on each other's lives, make her feel comfortable and then talk about what happened.... yknow what i mean. I wouldn't want her to do all the listening so i'll reserve my comments and advices so that she can pour her feelings out (and cry if she wants too). If she ask for advices then i'll share them + offer my help in any possible way #StayStrongJulie #WhatsYourFix

i would ensure that she feels safe enough to share her problems with me and do check ins with her so she freld better and is in a good environment!

I would ask her if everything is okay and advise her to seek help professionally e.g rehab If everything goes well and she is willing to accept help, I would accompany her to her rehab sessions!

I would sit down with Julie and raise my concern with her to let her know that i care about her and have observed that her behaviour has changed recently. Also to express my support and openness in lending a listening ear which would hopefully allow her to share her feelings and would assist her and direct her to various help.

Would have stopped and taken her out of the public space in case anything bad happens to her - bring her to some place safer to sober up a little, but keep reassuring her that everything is okay and that there is no judgement from me but genuine care and concern. Once she’s feeling better, I would talk to her about what’s troubling her and be a listening ear that she feels safe around then encourage her to seek help.

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