AOL Drug Trails & Human Library Advocacy Sessions

Get to meet people who’ve been impacted by drug abuse and are willing to share their experiences. Actively join inspirational conversations which are based on real life lessons.

A Walking Tour & Human Library event to spark meaningful conversations on the lived realities of drug abuse.

📍Part 1: ‘Drug Trails’

Uncover the Hidden Stories of Singapore’s Drug Past

Embark on a unique and eye-opening journey with AOL’s specially curated youth edition of the renowned Triad Trails. This captivating walking tour will uncover the significant historical landmarks associated with drug-related activities in Singapore.

Led by ex-gang members, the walk offers an experiential, outdoor learning experience like no other. Go back in time, and uncover Singapore’s shadowy past. As you navigate through these historical sites with your “Gang Leader”, they will weave their personal experiences into the narrative, sharing powerful and gripping stories about their own journey breaking free from drugs.

📍Part 2: Human Library

Head back to imPAct @ Hong Lim Green and get ready for an exhilarating 1-hour “Human Library” session that will leave you inspired and informed! This unique format is designed to provide you with a high-value engagement experience within an optimal period of time.

During this captivating session, you will have the opportunity to participate in three flash-interview rounds, each exploring a different thought-provoking theme. You will have the opportunity to interview three extraordinary Ex-offenders (XOs), gathering as much information as you can from their lived experiences. This interactive table conversation will challenge you to delve deep and expand your perspective as you engage in a quick-fire round of questions.



Session 1: Sat, 28 Oct 2023 

Session 2: Nov 2023 (TBC)


16:00 – 19:30


imPAct@ Hong Lim Green 

20 Upper Pickering Street Singapore, 058284

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