NCADA, pronounced Na-Ca-Da, (because it is a mouthful to say the National Council Against Drug Abuse), was formed in January 1995 as a citizen’s advisory council to the Ministry of Home Affairs on preventive drug measures and programmes in Singapore. 

 A key objective for the Council is to spur collective ownership of Singapore’s drug-free vision, and to mobilise the community for the drug-free cause.

In NCADA, we recognise that holistic inter-disciplinary support fixes intricate problems better.
For example, the treatment of addiction itself often requires a bio-psycho-social approach. The involvement of families, schools, the wider community, together with the government helps prevent intergenerational cycles of drug abuse. NCADA particularly focuses on upstream efforts because we believe that the deep-rooted consequences of drug abuse thwarts young people from achieving their full potential in life.

The drug-free cause campaigns for a drug-free culture in Singapore.

We hope that more people become aware of how to help their friends and loved ones steer encounters with drugs. We also hope to encourage greater advocacy in order to build a drug-free environment for the next generation.

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