How would you approach a conversation about drugs?

This poll helps to you to gauge how your current views regarding addictions and drugs might compare with others around you.

Note: This poll is not designed to be prescriptive! Generally, we think there are no straightforward right or wrong answers. But hopefully, it serves to help you understand different situations and viewpoints before entering an open conversation about the issue.
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What would you do if you found out that a family member is doing drugs?
If drugs are legalised, it means they are safe to consume.
If I know that I won't get addicted to certain substances, I'm more willing to take them in social settings.
I may try new substances, if I know that I will not get addicted.
Given an opportunity, I will want to try drugs for myself.
Drug-taking should be a matter of personal choice.
It should be ok to try substances, as long as it doesn’t affect others.
I’m quite sure my family/significant others will not approve of me taking drugs.
I will never try drugs for any reason
You found out that a friend struggling with depression has taken an illegal non-prescribed drug in hope to feel better. As a first instinct, what are you most likely going to do?
You're holidaying overseas with your friends. Some of your friends (and friends' friends) were keen to try drugs that are legal there. In that moment, what is most likely going to be your response?
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