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be an advocate for the drug-free cause, for this generation

 Meet Our 3 Youth Film Programme Winners

To spark meaningful conversations on the topic of drug-abuse amongst their peers, watch this space as these 3 youth content creators bring their stories to life, launching 15 Sep!

Drug abuse has harmed millions and impacted generations of families around the world.

But drugs and the issues around drugs continue to evolve, as do our perceptions and ability to investigate truths. 

What’s Your Fix? is an invitation to social conversation, to examine together the relevance of the drug-free cause today and explore how our views on drugs line up with issues of personal significance.

This initiative is led by the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA), with a key intent to connect with young people who are progressive and socially-minded, and yet have been referred by some as the “loneliest generation” ever. Through real conversations with real people, perhaps we can, from our different viewpoints and diversity of lived experiences, find common ground and vision.

Juliana, an unassuming young adult with her bag of woes, goes missing one day after supposedly stealing a suspicious bag of drugs.

Gladys, one of her friends, sets out to find her, only to discover that her friend’s problem is far deeper than one can imagine. Through the course of finding Juliana, relationships are tested as personal issues force each person to make difficult decisions.

How would you approach a conversation about drugs?

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